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SCOUR-POWER This 1-minute video demonstrates the "scour power" achieved with our proprietary "Impact-2" wash jets The part being cleaned is a compact 75-lb helicopter "swash plate". You can see it rocked back and forth in the middle of a 56” diameter turntable from only a 10 HP pump @ 65 PSI. Of note is the distance between the part and spray manifold. Cleaning power delivered thru the "Impact-2" nozzle is effective completely across the space inside the wash chamber. When striking a surface, the jets "splash" with a diameter of approximately 1.75". The jets are staggered at 1.5" intervals, thus overlapping strike zones. This feature, combined with the 360 0 spray manifold, means each part is being hit by the spray jets twice as much as normal, PLUS distance from the spray manifold does not diminish the effectiveness of the spray.


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DOOR TESTING This 40-second video demonstrates a 1300 pound block of steel being moved in and out of the RJ-4B Parts Washer by a single person. Notice how the Door Closing Handles “lock” into place to act as “Support Legs” with the Door in the down position, even more clearly seen when the door is closed again and the “lock bar” by- passed by the Operator at the upper left side of the door.
POWERED-LIFT This 24-second video demonstrates the “Powered- Lid” Option on the top-loading Roto-Jet Model RJ-100 Parts Washer. Once the parts are loaded and the START button pushed, the lid gravity-drops (speed adjustable) and the cleaning cycle begins. At cycle end, the lid automatically lifts to let the operator know the parts are clean and that it’s time to load new parts.
AGITATION-LIFT This 70-second video demonstrates the operation of a custom Stainless-Steel Agitation-Lift Parts Washer. Once the parts are loaded onto the Support Platform and the START button pushed, the platform lowers into the heated cleaning solution, the lid closes and the platform then begins to cycle up & down according to the adjustable agitation stroke. At cycle end, the lid automatically opens, shortly followed by the rising Support Platform. The Agitation-Lift style of units are effective on cleaning oil galleys, nested parts, bent and formed tubing, and convoluted parts that might block normal spray jet access.